Why Should You Stop Smoking Weed?

You've probably heard this before, but there are so many reasons why one should stop smoking weed. You may think that there's no problem with smoking weed because people use it for medical reasons but there is a big difference between smoking weed medically and smoking it recreationally. Recreational marijuana users are having problems because basically, their brains and their entire bodies are affected because of smoking marijuana for a long time.

Here are just a few things that you may want to think about so you can convince yourself to get out of the weed smoking habit:

Did you know that when you smoke weed recreationally, your respiratory system and breathing will be greatly affected? This is because weed is normally smoked through a joint and you will have a problem because of the byproducts that you get when you light up the joint. In fact, smoking week through a joint is much like smoking traditional cigarettes because you get to breathe in smoke. Smoking weed can also have a bad effect on your skin. This is because you will have poor blood circulation and will have less oxygen that is needed to rehydrate your skin. You may end up having premature ageing in just a month of taking marijuana. How older will you look if you've been smoking weed for a long time? If you want to look younger, then smoking marijuana should be stopped! Lastly, smoking weed will make your eyes look yellowish and tired plus you will have yellowish teeth as well! This means you will look really bad and unhygienic. If you want to start looking better, then you should get some help so you can stop smoking weed as soon as possible!

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